Monday, September 29, 2008


sex (acrylic on canvas)
bad pic, since it's taken by my phone.
something i tried for the first time.
it's very unlike what i usually do. but i like it.


gabriel ayala said...

LOVE IT.... It is very abstract but you can still see the sexual nature that it contains.

soo said...

thanks! yea the color is pretty off int his picture but i still like it! :)

Delxen said...

It's awesome Soo, everything about it is suggestive. Maybe a calling in fine arts?

mb said...

this just shows your nothing but a pirate hooker :) it looks really cool though serisouly haha

soo said...

haha i dont know bout fine arts, ive been just painting random things at home.

kat said...

i think the black part should be... bigger..... hahaha JUST KIDDDDING!

i had to.