Friday, February 22, 2008

SI 50th Annual Exhibition

So I see teenage girls losing their minds cuz of their idol pop star on TV sometimes. Now, I wasn't THAT bad, but it was bad. I got to meet many of the great illustrators that I have bookmarked on my browser, and I was more than excited to talk to them. Hearing their advices, how they made it, etc. was just amazing.
I was pretty much dead tired the whole day, but now that I'm home, I can't even sleep because I'm still so excited about the whole thing.

Here are some pictures:

With Peter de Seve. After a long search, we finally found him. He gave us really good advices, and super nice!

With Tim O'Brien. We secretly waited behind him for about ten minutes to talk to him.

With our Good Ol' Professa Scott Bakal
By the way, this last picture was taken by a famous photographer Laura Levine (and as I handed her my camera, I told her which button to press. NICE)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hello world

Thanks to my car, today was my first Saturday I didn't work in at least 5 years. I sat down in front of my desk, and thought, "hmm I should work on some school projects". But again, it was beautiful outside, and thought maybe I should draw my new friend, Sopo the Orchid. I got her yesterday for my birthday. She looks different than other flowers for sure, AND she looks different from other orchids as well. So this first entry is to celebrate my first Saturday to relax and experiment new techniques.