Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mental Health Day

So on Saturday, I took a break from the craziness, called typical days of my life. I decided to take advantage of the fact that I live very close to LI(or should I say Nassau county?), the quiet and relaxing area. I went to Roosevelt Field Mall, tenth biggest shopping mall in the country, and it was damn crowded, I had to get out of there.

So I went to eat at a place I have never been to: Houstons. I walk in and head straight to the bar area to see paintings on the wall. Voila, there it was. Something I've seen before, something that looks familiar to me. One of my favorite professors' work on the wall. Professor William Low. Again, I had to whip out my camera and take pictures.

This is the painting of the restaurant I went to. I had to step in to the mens room little bit to take this picture.

There were about five of them there. What was amazing was that I've never seen his paintings before. Textures and other details that are hard to tell on computer screen came alive in real paintings.

So after starring at it for about thirty minutes and eating good food, I stepped out and the sky was telling me to enjoy the rest of the day by hanging out.

So I did. What a great day I had.

Now it is Tuesday, and things have been crazy already. I'm glad I took a mental health day to prepare myself for the crazy week I will be having.


Delxen said...

Good to see you're de-stressing, Sooooooooooo

yuca said...

awww Prof Low! I wanna go see it too! so jealous...:P

soo said...

it was so nice. maybe one day i'll take you. De-stressing is needed once again if not now, real soon..